While the art of massage therapy has been around for centuries, statistics show that it is rapidly increasing in popularity. Not only are people getting massage therapy more regularly, but more people are choosing massage therapy as a career. While it may be hard to pin point exactly what is causing the increase in people seeking massage therapy and individuals choosing this career, there are several contributing factors. More and more research is surfacing proving the overwhelming mental and physical benefits of massage therapy. Mainstream media portrays massage therapy and massage therapists in a positive way. More doctors are writing prescriptions for massage therapy, and the list goes on!

When choosing massage therapy as a career there are many things to consider. While some may look at it as over demanding or too strenuous on the body, there are thousands of massage therapists becoming licensed each year. According to Massage Exam , in Illinois alone as of April 2016, there are 9,063 practicing, licensed massage therapists. Among the 300,000-500,000 people in the US who have chosen this career, many have learned while it is demanding, it also proves to be very rewarding. Healing and helping people brings great joy to massage therapists around the world. While in a low-stress environment providing relief for clients, massage therapists are also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The job requires them to be strong and active. Another reason more people are choosing massage therapy as a career is the opportunity to continue learning. Each day in the massage world is different than the last. Whether that means learning from clients, fellow massage therapists, or instructors, there is always learning taking place. There are also many different specialties of massage therapy to learn. Some choose to learn Thai massage, Cupping Therapy, Reflexology, all of which are useful in the massage field. Another explanation of the uptick of massage therapy careers is the job rank for massage therapist. According to an article by Myotherapy College  massage therapy is ranked 50th for best career. Massage therapy is a healthy, rewarding, up and coming career.

With growing numbers of Americans affected by things such as anxiety, depression, back pain, and breast cancer, the overwhelming research and evidence that massage therapy aids with all of them is  a huge factor in the rise of massage therapy. According to an article by American Massage Therapy Association , massage therapy can go hand-in-hand with chemotherapy to help people suffering with many types of cancer maintain low levels of stress and anxiety. Research continues to emerge proving massage therapy helps eliminate intensity and frequency of migraines. Common ailments such as low back pain, neck pain, and carpal tunnel are all on the list of reasons people turn to massage therapy for relief. Doctors are more commonly referring their patients to try massage therapy for pain relief. While some referrals are for specific pain and injuries, some doctors refer patients to have massage therapy simply for the benefit of boosting the immune system. According to a survey done by the American Massage Therapy Association, 52% of patients who discussed massage therapy with their physician were highly encouraged to receive massage therapy regularly.

While massage therapy has been around for many years, it is now being celebrated in mainstream media. There are many celebrities getting massage therapy and openly talking about the benefits. This has helped lift the misunderstandings of massage therapy. Oprah Winfrey shares a picture of her massage therapist and a tweet “Foot-nanny Gloria Williams massaging my back thru my foot. Reflexology Ahhhhhhhh nice!” It is easy to see why massage therapy is on the rise!

Whether you are choosing massage therapy as a career or choosing to receive massage therapy, you are part of a growing industry! As we continue to see the numbers rise in massage therapy professionals, we continue to celebrate the many ways it helps us feel better. Take time today to encourage that friend who has been mentioning massage therapy school and make time for yourself for a massage this week. Massage therapy is healthy and it feels wonderful too!