Do Massage and Meditation Go Hand in Hand?

Do Massage and Meditation Go Hand in Hand?


What do you think about when you get a massage? Some people may be overwhelmed with thoughts of all the errands they hope to accomplish after their massage. Others may be using the time on the table as a means to mentally prepare for the business meeting they must conduct tomorrow morning at work. Some may simply be focusing on getting through the pain of the knots being slowly worked from their muscles. There are certainly the sleepers, who utilize their time on the table for a nice cat nap. While these are all acceptable options, we recommend trying meditation during your next massage session in order to heal yourself not only physically but also mentally.

Meditation is dated back as far as 1500 BCE and according to the Meriam-Webster dictionary, meditation is defined as to think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, to think deeply or carefully. The beauty of meditation is that it is completely up to you to decide what meditation is. Whether it is simply the act of focusing on your breathing or deeper focused, deep thinking, all types of mediation are beneficial to your well-being. According to art of living, some of the benefits included are increased attention span, increased immunity and helps with fighting disease, improves metabolism,  helps you sleep better at night. Some additional benefits are, improves brain function, makes you and those around you happier, helps you to feel more connected and appreciate life more, reduces stress and aging, and adds hours to your day. Whether you find yourself face up or face down on the massage table, slowly begin to let your worries and stresses fall away. Forget about the deadlines at work, forget about the loads of laundry waiting at home, forget about your to-do list and slip into peaceful mediation while you enjoy your massage.

Yet another added benefit of meditating during your massage session is that it gives your massage therapist the quiet time to really focus on what they are doing. Your massage therapist will be able to zone in on their work and be able to listen to your body rather than conversation. While it is ok to talk with your massage therapist, allowing yourself time to meditate and in turn creating room for silence is peaceful and relaxing for both you and the therapist. You should feel zero pressure to keep a conversation going between you and your massage therapist. Use the calming music to aid in your silence and meditation. Let go of forced thoughts and clear your mind of chatter.

While there is no wrong way to spend your time on the massage table, meditation is without a doubt a way to improve your health and wellbeing. Why not let your mind loosen up at the same time your muscles loosen up? You owe it to yourself! According to an article by the American Massage Therapy Association  practicing mindful meditation has been proven to show changes in the part of the brain that can be associated with memory, empathy, and stress. With the many reasons to join us in a meditation massage session we hope you enjoy your next massage session mentally and physically. Happy meditating!


Benefits of Meditation include:

  • Increased attention span
  • Increased immune system
  • Reduces stress and aging