Ease the Aches of the Changing Seasons with Massage Therapy

Relieve seasonal back pain with massage therapy at Libertyville Massage.

Millions of people across the country suffer from occasional joint and back pain, much of which can be eased by massage therapy. In addition to its many relaxation benefits, massage therapy is great for treating occasional to severe muscle and joint pain. If you find that your pain worsens as the seasons change you are definitely not alone. As fall and winter approach and the temperatures drop, your tendons and joints often contract in the cold air, making the pain even worse. Then when spring arrives, the humidity and change in barometric pressure can also cause increased pain.

Causes of Seasonal Aches and Pains

In the midwest, we are all too familiar with the changing seasons, often experiencing frequent shifts in temperature and pressure, even within the seasons themselves. Luckily, there are plenty of businesses offering massage in Gurnee and the surrounding areas that can assist in relieving the aches and pains of the changing seasons.

Benefits of Managing Pain of Changing Seasons with Massage Therapy

  • Increased circulation
  • Released muscle tension
  • Loosening of tight muscles and joints
  • Increased range of motion

While they vary by the type of massage, almost all forms of massage therapy offer the above benefits. Swedish, Relaxation, Thermal and Thai massages are some of the best forms of massage therapy to relieve many of the aches and pains associated with the changing seasons – each of which can be found at various locations offering massage in Gurnee. To find the best massage therapy for you, it may be best to contact a massage therapist for help determining the right solution for your specific aches and pains. Your level of comfort, medical history and previous experience with massage therapy will also impact which massage is best for you. 

For more questions or inquiries about massage in Gurnee and the surrounding area contact the experts at Libertyville Massage. 

Ease the causes of seasonal aches with massage therapy.