As the days get shorter, the sun sets earlier, and the temperatures drop, many people find themselves sinking into an Autumn slump.  You may find that moments of joy are few and far between and staying in bed is the only thing you care to do. Very commonly around this time of year we catch colds and viruses, making it even harder to stay positive during the chilly fall months. Luckily for us, massage therapy has been proven to ease the symptoms of seasonal depression while simultaneously boosting the immune system!

According to an article by Mental Health America,  up to 5% of the U.S population experiences seasonal depression. Furthermore, 4 out of 5 people with seasonal depression are women. Rather than letting the sadness, moodiness, or lethargy get the best of us, we can take action to brighten our moods with massage therapy. Massage therapy naturally releases serotonin, the feel-good endorphin. Serotonin is also linked to hunger and sleep. By increasing your serotonin levels, you will be more likely to get a restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Many of us, during fall months, find ourselves craving sweets and starches. With increased serotonin levels, you will find it easier to avoid the sugars and starches. Massage therapy also lowers the stress hormone, cortisol. After a massage, you will find you simply feel a little happier, more content and relaxed.  When you incorporate massage therapy into your health maintenance routine, you can enjoy the pleasures of fall rather than dreading its arrival each year. You can enjoy pumpkin patches, apple picking, and even a haunted house if you are brave enough!


If you commonly come down with a cold right around Halloween or Thanksgiving every year you are not alone. According to an article by Live Science , a shift in temperature causes new and different viruses to flourish, which makes us sick. As mentioned earlier, massage therapy lowers cortisol levels. High levels of cortisol in the body kill our NK cells. NK cells, also called natural killer cells, are what kill off viruses that enter our body. When you lower cortisol levels, you strengthen your immune system. If your stress levels are too high, your NK cells do not properly kill off the viruses, causing you to get sick. Massage therapy also aids in creating activity with your white blood cells, which also contributes in fighting off viruses.  Your immune system will thank you for getting a massage. Make it your mission to avoid that Halloween and Thanksgiving flu this year!

Now that we are several weeks into the Fall season, it’s not too late to combat those seasonal blues you are feeling. Getting a monthly relaxation or deep tissue massage will greatly reduce your risk of getting sick. You owe it to yourself to enjoy the fall months, rather than spending them enduring sadness and fatigue.