Four Hands are Better than Two – Choreographed Full Body Massage Therapy

Four Hand Massage Therapy is a great experience that will have you feeling completely enveloped in sensation. Two therapists work their magic while mirroring one another in synchronization. Libertyville Massage Therapy Clinic therapists offer only the finest technique of similar styles and touch that can only come with the experience of working together in Four Hand Massages.

The most classic form of four hand massage is typically Swedish style in combination with foot reflexology. Two therapists work simultaneously, and you should feel as if your session was choreographed as both therapists work in sync with one another. The therapists combine long, slow strokes with other techniques designed to relax your whole body, from head to toe. Therapists can tailor your session to meet your needs with specific area methods, such as neck, back or legs. One therapist may work on the upper portion of body, while the other works on lower, or one working the right side of your body, while the other works the left.

Four hands massage is an exceptional and authentic massage that will induce maximum muscle relief and relaxation. This full-body massage addresses the whole person, including hypnotic scalp massage and foot reflexology.

The Foot Reflexology technique involves massaging feet to treat and heal the individual’s entire body. It is said to be a gentle therapy that restores the body’s natural balance, as well as help maintain equilibrium.

The benefits of Four Hand Massage include:
• Maximum muscle relief and relaxation
• Increased flexibility and circulation
• Restoration of balance and equilibrium
• Exceptional experience of simultaneous and choreographed techniques

Four hands are better than two when four hands simultaneously knead and coax your body and mind into total relaxation and calm. Libertyville Massage Therapy Clinic has been rated by clients as the “best of the best” in Four Hand Massage that goes beyond indulgence by providing the best health benefits that reduces anxiety. You will leave your four hand session feeling completely at peace.

Join massage connoisseurs who have found the best kept secret in the professional massage therapy industry of a Four Hand Massage. Call Libertyville Massage Therapy Clinic today for an appointment to a healthy and relaxing session. Once you experience the benefits, you may want to purchase a gift certificate for loved ones… what a perfect present! Share the secret of relaxation and peace.