Is It Important To Massage My Infant?

When welcoming a new born baby into the world, the list of things to do is quite a long one! Rock the baby, change the baby, swaddle the baby, feed the baby, burp the baby, bathe the baby, etc. While trying to keep up with the never ending list, it’s easy to forget one of the most valuable things you can do for your precious new addition, and that is infant massage! This therapy dates all the way back to ancient India, China, and Africa. Infant massage therapy is practiced globally and is becoming increasingly popular. It is highly recommended to integrate infant massage therapy into your daily routine. For example, right before bath time, bed time, or afteBaby feet close-upr a relaxing morning nap. As you adapt a new routine, you will begin to notice the pleasant changes in your infant.

Whether your little one suffers from insomnia, a gassy belly, or irritability, the tender touch of massage therapy can help your child come back to a calming state peace. According to an article on What To Expect infants have shown significant relief from gassy bellies, restless nights, and even teething pain.  Another added benefit infant massage aids in is muscle development. The gentle kneading and stroking promotes blood circulation and helps oxygen get into the tiny muscles to keep them loose. While the physical benefits are undeniable, an important added bonus of infant massage is the way it intensifies the bond between infant and parent. According to an article on Fit Pregnancy , The skin on skin touch  helps boost babies mental development, promotes a healthy weight, reduces stress and pain for baby,  and promotes healthy sleeping habits. Skin to skin contact has also been proven to reduce the likelihood of postpartum depression.

While you may be worried you won’t make a good massage therapist for your baby, there are many helpful instructional websites and videos available to show you different techniques for the perfect touch. Rest assured, you do not have to be a master of the art in order to give an effective massage to your baby. According to an article on , there are several different ways to relax your infant. Step by step instructions will help you navigate from baby’s head and face, tummy, arms and chest, back, and legs. Some helpful tips mentioned in the article include being aware of signals from your baby. Some massages will last 10 minutes or 30 minutes depending on how your baby is responding to your touch. The article suggests paying attention and taking ques from their mood. Massage professionals suggest using a firm but gentle stroke, ensuring the baby won’t be feeling tickled. Remember to have confidence in your touch and intuition!BELLY RUB


As you navigate the waters of a newborn baby, including infant massage therapy is sure to create a happier, healthier child. You may even find that while massaging your infant, you feel more relaxed yourself. Your child will grow up understanding what a loving and caring touch feels like. The bond between baby and parent is one of a kind and something to be cherished. Happy baby massaging!



Please enjoy this video which demonstrates ways in which to massage your child.