I’ve Overdone It! Why Do I Turn To Massage Therapy First?

My husband refers to me as a racehorse. I go, go, go, sometimes until I have gone too far, and yes, hurt myself. I have pulled muscles in my back, strained my neck, hip flexors, calves, shoulders. You name it, I have strained it, or sprained it while engaging in physically demanding work or exercise. Early in my career, I worked as a massage therapist. Twenty five clients a week often left my back and neck sore. As a Mother of three, I have carried my share of baby weight, lovingly, that is. Balancing a baby on one hip, while bending to hold the hand of a toddler, as we ran errands, left my body a bit bent! My early years of getting up early to run four miles, followed by a one mile swim at the YMCA, made me feel energized, but my glutes and calves said “enough”!Massage

For the last 30 years, the answer to these pains, for me,  has been massage therapy. Sometimes, I hurt so bad, that I was sure I was seriously injured. I  tried massage therapy first, and so far, knock on wood, it has paid off well. All of my painful strained muscle injuries, responded immediately with massage therapy. Sometimes it took several sessions to be free of pain. Other times, one massage brought me back to feeling better. Massage Therapy is not a substitute for a doctor. There are many red flags to watch for that would signal you to see a doctor. Symptoms like, numbness, tingling, fever, prolonged pain, to name a few, are reasons to get medical advice.

Massage Therapy is a natural therapy that addresses the soft tissues of the body, such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. It is a drug free therapy that gives results fast and usually, feels good too. Research shows that the increased circulation during massage can help to speed healing. Manual manipulation will cause the soft tissue, especially the muscles, tendons and fascia to loosen, most often reducing pain.

Most importantly when considering massage therapy for a strain or sprain,  find a qualified, state licensed massage therapist. Word of mouth, from someone who has received excellent therapy from a licensed massage therapist, is the best option. When searching on your own, check out national organizations such as the American Massage Therapy Association or the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals .  Check your local wellness centers, they often staff highly qualified massage therapists.

Racehorse or not, muscle strain or not, massage therapy can benefit everyone from young to old.  It is a very good therapy and worth a try!

Benefits of Massage Therapy:

  1. Reduces muscle and other soft tissue pain.
  2. Increases blood flow to reduce injury and speed healing.
  3. Improves flexibility and range of motion.