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If you haven’t been to Libertyville Massage Therapy Clinic for a massage spa you are missing one of Lake County’s best places to unwind, and relax with massage therapy.

The Full Massage Spa Experience

Imagine this, a heated massage table, soft lights, relaxing music. Hot packs placed on your neck and back. Now your massage therapist begins to massage your neck, back, legs, arms, and hands. The massage strokes are gentle, yet firm, just enough to encourage your muscles to say “Ahhhh”. As your muscles feel the increased circulation and the tension easing, your mind lets go of stress and worry. You are thinking only of how wonderful you feel. You are in deep relaxation. First your neck, then your back, now your legs. The therapist’s touch is confident, and well trained. A local massage spa at its finest.

Massage spa setup with towels and candles.

Try Hot Stones

Now add warmed stones to rest on your back. The warmth feels so good, so soothing. Your therapist gently massages the warm stones into your muscles, to encourage even more muscle relaxation. Your mind slips deeper into peace and rest, with the hot stone massage.

4 Hands Massage

Imagine, our 4Hands Massage Spa specialty. Two specially trained massage therapists, use their four hands, with customized pressure and synchronized, choreographed massage techniques to help you experience maximum muscle relief and relaxation. The two massage therapists will use their four hands to knead and coax your body and mind into a state of calm. Truly an exceptional experience, the best of the best massage experiences, for massage connoisseurs. A must try for anyone who loves massage therapy.

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Never Experienced Thai Massage?

On your next visit, perhaps you will try Thai Massage. As you lay comfortably on a padded Thai mat, dressed in loose clothing, your Thai Massage Therapist, will stretch your muscles, while simultaneously compressing and massaging your muscles. The combination of the techniques leaves you feeling refreshed, stretched, and totally relaxed.

And then, for another visit, you must plan to try one of these massages.

More Massage Services:

Foot and Reflexology Sessions

A foot and reflexology session  is so completely relaxing, that many people fall asleep. You will start with 20 minutes of gentle, relaxing, neck massage. You will feel the neck muscles let go, soften to the massage therapist’s sure touch. Next, 20 minutes on each foot of the most comforting foot massage. This is where you will likely doze off, from the deepest of relaxation.

A Friendly Staff

You can see, that Libertyville Massage Therapy Clinic, offers many Massage Spa specialties for your health and relaxation. In addition, 30 area doctors refer their patients to LMTC for muscle pain and stress. Relief of muscle pain is what has made Libertyville Massage the “go to” place for therapeutic massage for soft tissue pain.

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Whether you are seeking to relieve pain and stress, or simply feel fantastic, you can see that Libertyville Massage Therapy Clinic is a reputable clinic and massage spa with highly trained massage therapists, to help you with massage spa services and Medical Massage services. Call today to book your massage. 847-680-0077. Check out our website at and like us on Facebook.

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