We can’t deny that winter in the Midwest is a beautiful time. Fluffy white snow covers the trees and pretty lights adorn many homes. Bright red poinsettias, cheerful holiday music, and glittery presents fill our homes. Unfortunately, with the beauty comes the pain. Nagging back pain as a result of shoveling, neck stiffness as a result of the bitter cold temperatures, overall aches and pains from the harsh conditions, and the inevitable stress that accompanies the holidays. Lucky for us, regular massage therapy during the winter months can greatly reduce the pain, suffering, and soreness we experience each year.Woman Shoveling her Parking Lot after a Snowstorm

According to an article on CNN.com , nearly 700,000 people end up with a shoveling related injury each winter. Of that 700,000 about 900 end up admitted to the hospital! The uncomfortable bent over position required to push the heavy snow creates strain on each major muscle group, especially the back. Many people experience muscle strain and even spasms. With snow-covered driveways and hidden ice, many people find themselves slipping and falling resulting in pulled or sore muscles, even slipped disks. After hours spent shoveling or after a fall on ice, a calming Swedish massage would help loosen and soothe your tight muscles. Swedish massage can include long firm strokes, kneading, gliding effleurage, percussion, tapotement, circular friction, and stretching. Our heated massage tables and hot packs with each session will surely relax your muscles.

In addition to shoveling snow during winter, there are several other instances in which the cold air breathes down our neck and back causing muscle tightness and spasms. For instance, sitting in a freezing cold car waiting for it to warm up. Your body is very tense and tightened while trying to avoid shivering and shaking. Many towns have outdoor fall festivities for us to enjoy, which means long periods of being in cold weather. Our backs tend to tense up and our bodies hunch over to compensate for the chilled temperatures. Long after you are back inside, the effects of the freezing temperatures will still be felt. Hot stone massage therapy is the perfect way to warm up and relieve your muscle pain. In a hot stone massage session, the heated stones are gently massaged into your muscles. The incredible soothing and relaxing warmed stones provide a penetrating heat that encourages your muscles to relax and loosen. You are sure to leave the massage feeling warm from within and ready to face the next arctic freeze. According to an article by Healthline , hot stone massage therapy relieves muscle pain, promotes sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, and may even boost the immune system. With cold and flu being very common in winter months, a little immune boost goes a long way.

With the cold winter months comes the holiday hustle and bustle. We find ourselves in crowded, germ filled malls, searching for presents, preparing our homes for company, busier workplaces, and dealing with overcrowded streets. Many of us feel stressed out, overworked, overtired, making it hard to remember the joy of the season and what the holidays are really about; giving, love, and family. Incorporating a relaxation massage session into your holiday plans will give you the stress relief you need. Relaxation massage involves long, gliding, rhythmic strokes. The pressure is deep but not painful, designed specifically to relax you rather than to treat chronic ailments.  According to Natural Therapy.com relaxation massage lowers blood pressure, aids in restful sleep habits, increases circulation, calms the nervous system, and reduces anxiety.

Massage therapy is a wonderful tool to help you survive the Midwest winters. If you do find yourself outside with a shovel, make sure to push with your legs rather than your back. Find time to stretch before heading outside into the cold. Always wear extra layers and bundle up when you are outside enjoying winter fests. As soon as you feel muscles tightening and spasming, remember massage therapy can relieve muscle pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide an over-all feeling of relaxation and well-being. In the season of giving to others remember to give yourself the gift of health. Happy Holidays!


Benefits of massage during winter months: