Four Hands Massage

Four Hands Massage is an exceptional massage therapy experience. Two specially trained massage therapists use their four hands, with customized pressure and choreographed, rhythmic movements, to induce maximum muscle relief and relaxation. Four Hands Massage is a full body massage that addresses the whole person, including hypnotic scalp massage and foot reflexology massage. As the therapists give their utmost care and attention, you will feel double the benefit, from the extra therapy and extra pair of hands in this one hour session.

Benefits of Four Hands Massage


Four hands will simultaneously knead and coax your body and mind into total relaxation and calm. Our clients have referred to this session as the “best of the best” massage experiences for massage connoisseurs. It goes beyond indulgence, giving you the health benefits of increased circulation and flexibility, relaxed nervous system, loosened muscles and fascia, less anxiety, and a feeling of complete peace. Join our many clients who have experienced our 4 Hands Massage specialty, and know about the best kept secret in the professional massage therapy industry.

Person receiving a four hands massage.