Neck and Foot Reflexology Massage

Neck and Foot Reflexology Massage is extremely relaxing, soothing and therapeutic. The session begins with deeply calming massage techniques on your neck. The neck muscles are coaxed into loosening, while circulation is flushed into the area for a warming, pain relieving effect. Once the therapist has thoroughly refreshed the neck area, your feet await equal attention.

Benefits of Neck and Foot Reflexology

  • Relieves pain in the neck and feet
  • Helps with symptoms of plantar fasciitis and arthritis in feet
  • Deeply Relaxing
Woman receiving neck and foot reflexology massage.

The remainder of the session will be hard to stay awake. As the therapist massages your feet, you will unwind into a calm state of rest. The therapist will skillfully massage reflexology points on the feet to normalize function in other parts of the body. Pain from plantar fasciitis, ankle and toe pain, and general arthritis in the feet may be relieved. Communicate with your therapist about sensitive areas and your pain level during the session to ensure you will gain maximum benefit and relaxation during the session.

The origins of Reflexology reach back to ancient Egypt according to inscriptions in tombs. Working on the feet to affect health spread all over the ancient world via Egypt through the Roman Empire. Today research studies have been conducted in the United States and around the world which have validated the effectiveness of reflexology for many conditions.

Person's foot receiving neck and foot reflexology massage.