When I first heard the phrase Four Hands Massage, I wondered what in the world that could be. It didn’t take long for my imagination to create a vision of something wonderful.  After being in the massage therapy industry for 30 years as a licensed massage therapist, and wellness center owner,  the idea of a professional massage, performed by more than one massage therapist, was an exciting and mysterious thought. I couldn’t wait to try a Four Hands Massage. Little did I know, it would be difficult to find highly trained Four Hands massage therapists. After a long search, I finally received my first one. It was beyond wonderful and I felt fantastic. I was so excited to share the news with others. After raving about the experience to my family and friends, I set out to offer this service at my own clinic, Libertyville Massage Therapy Clinic.  Our staff massage therapists who would be chosen to go through the rigorous Four Hands  training had to be about the same height, so that the height of the massage table could be positioned correctly for both of them. They had to work similarly in their massage technique, so that the synchronized massage would feel as tho the two therapists were one. And, they had to work well together, because the Four Hands Massage is all about  fluid movement. Once the therapists were chosen, we went to work on designing our very own signature Four Hands Massage. It took  months of training, practicing on many different body types. Finally, the first two therapists were ready and graduated! Now, the really fun part began. Our two handed massage clients were now receiving Four Hands Massage. To our delight, they raved about their experience. Here are a few of the comments we received. “It was amazing! I will never go back to two hands, well maybe when I need deep tissue, but for complete and total relaxation, 4 hands is the winner. It was like a well-orchestrated ballet and I was floating on the clouds of complete relaxation and rejuvenation!” -E. DeHaven Abel. And another, ” I am a lover of massage but this takes euphoria to a whole new level. It can’t be described, it has to be experienced. If your tension is rising…treat yourself to this mental vacation and physical  bliss!” C. Beu.  Because of the  great response we  graduated a second set of Four Hands massage therapists. What you need to know about Four Hands massage is that it is an exceptional massage experience. You will feel twice the benefit from the double work being done by the massage therapists. The synchronized movements will lull you into a deep relaxation, while the extra muscle therapy will melt your muscle tension. You will feel calm, refreshed, restored and like a slice of heaven just happened to you.                    

 Benefits of Four Hands Massage

1. Two massage therapists for double the therapy.

2. Greatly reduces muscle tension and muscle pain.

3.The synchronized technique induces great relaxation.