Wow, That Went Fast!

July, 1985. “Out of Touch” by Hall and Oates was a huge hit. Little did I know that for the next 30 years I would be following my path, out of touch, from touch, through touch. Massage Therapy , a touching vocation, a touching service, scientific touching, healing touch. From touch, I found a profound way to remove pain from suffering clients. Through touch, I was able to soothe stressed panic stricken nerves. With touch, I found more than a job, I found a calling. I touched sore backs, strained necks, tight calves, rigid quads. What I did not expect, was touching another person’s soul.

Jan O'Malley at LMTC 1988

It has been a great pleasure, to create, build, grow, and share, this massage therapy business. Share it with our clients, other massage therapists, the community, other businesses and organizations. It is like another child that I birthed, cared for, molded, loved, cried for and about, and took pride in.

This small business was built on pure passion and belief. Passion for the art of massage, passion for the healing qualities this art holds, passion to help others. And belief. Belief in what is right, spreading the word, spreading the work. So that someone who is hurting, may feel better. Someone who is stressed is relaxed. Someone who can’t sleep, finds peaceful rest. This touching therapy, called massage therapy has touched me profoundly. I feel an abundance of gratitude for having found my path and for taking that first step 30 years ago in this business. Through all the years, months, weeks, days, minutes I have worked to massage this business into what it has become, this touching business has given more back to me than I can begin to describe. If you have a chance to follow your passion, your dream, down your path, take that chance.