Help Manage Diabetes With Massage Therapy

No matter your age, race, or gender, you most certainly know someone with, or affected by, type one or type two diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, there are over 29.1 million Americans with diabetes. With a stress-free, healthy lifestyle and diet, many diabetics can live a long life, free of complications. Others, however, are […]

New Year, New You! Make Massage Part of Your Resolution This Year!

With the closing of one year and the start of a new one, it is natural to find yourself looking for ways to improve your life. We call these New Year’s Resolutions and use them as motivation to start a fresh year on the right foot. Resolutions range from weight loss, giving up sweets, and […]

Massage Away Your Winter Aches & Pains

  We can’t deny that winter in the Midwest is a beautiful time. Fluffy white snow covers the trees and pretty lights adorn many homes. Bright red poinsettias, cheerful holiday music, and glittery presents fill our homes. Unfortunately, with the beauty comes the pain. Nagging back pain as a result of shoveling, neck stiffness as […]

Massage Therapy On the Rise

While the art of massage therapy has been around for centuries, statistics show that it is rapidly increasing in popularity. Not only are people getting massage therapy more regularly, but more people are choosing massage therapy as a career. While it may be hard to pin point exactly what is causing the increase in people […]

Latest Research Shows Hope For PMS

  As women we all know the truth about our monthly cycle. It is often accompanied by it’s little sister, premenstrual syndrome. The rise in our hormones throws our body, mind, and spirit out of rhythm.  Symptoms range from bloating, cramps, migraines, joint and muscle pain, to fatigue, acne flair ups, constipation, tension, anxiety, depression and […]

Massage Therapy Helps Light Up Your Holiday Season

  While the Holidays may be a time of joy and excitement for most people, there are millions of Americans who suffer with depression around the holidays. Sometimes expectations for the big holiday season are not met, tensions within relationships are highlighted, and demands for keeping up with the Joneses can be too much. Take […]

Do Massage and Meditation Go Hand in Hand?

Do Massage and Meditation Go Hand in Hand? What do you think about when you get a massage? Some people may be overwhelmed with thoughts of all the errands they hope to accomplish after their massage. Others may be using the time on the table as a means to mentally prepare for the business meeting […]

Somatics: The New Alignment Tool in Yoga, By: Allison Wilmes

  Somatics: The New Alignment Tool in Yoga By: Allison Wilmes   Have you noticed the word somatics popping up in yoga workshops lately? “Somatics” was coined in the 1970s by Thomas Hanna, a philosopher, educator, and neurophysiologist. Somatics describes the discipline of muscular reeducation that enables people to develop an internal awareness and control of their […]